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REVIEW – WiZ Colours WiFi connected smart LED bulb

heDD Team January 31, 2018 Tech Comments Off on REVIEW – WiZ Colours WiFi connected smart LED bulb

You may have seen WiZ’s snazzy commercial on YouTube or Facebook, showing a connected home with every room of the house bathed in vibrant mood lighting and though, “hey, that’s cool!” and you’d be right. WiZ Colours WiFi connected smart LED bulbs are fun but are they just a gimmick?

WiZ home lighting

I remember the first time I saw colour-shifting lights and light bulbs coming to the market, I was skeptical at best. I mean, who wants their home to genuinely look like an organic supermarket by day and an uptown bar/brothel by night? Most people wouldn’t be so into that. But as the tech has developed, smart bulbs can do a lot more than display a few shades variations on RGB. And now, with the highly specced WiZ bulbs, we see the possible combination of 16 million colours and 64,000 variations on WHITE. I’m tempted to call BS on the number of white light shades the manufacturer claims, but heck, having dived into the product, they may be onto something. Let’s take a closer look.

WiZ Colours WiFi connected Smart LED bulb – Design

Available in both standard bayonet and twist-screw Edison fixing (we have the A.B22 WiZmote Pack of 2 package) the WiZ Colours lights look modern and sleek. They’re about the same size and shape as standard light bulbs, although they have a slightly wider profile at the tip end.

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WiZ Colours WiFi connected Smart LED bulb – Setup

On the box, WiZ claims the lights can be setup in as little as 30 seconds, which is quite the claim. In truth, it can be done in much less time. The longest part of the installation process is downloading the WiZ App and connecting to your home WiFi. It took me about 15 seconds, then replacing my bulbs with these, another five. To get the bulbs to sink with the App, I just had to flick the light switch on and off three times and they began pulsing blue. All in all, I was up and running comfortably within 30 seconds and I wasn’t trying to get it done fast, it was just that easy.

WiZ Colours WiFi connected Smart LED bulb – In-use

After setting up the WiZ colour smart LED bulbs, like the adult child that I am, I spent about 30 minutes cycling through all of the WiZ app’s pre-loaded settings. The presets range from Christmas lights (cycling red to green) to  dynamic lighting in the form of moods, for example: Ocean (waves of blue), Fireplace (flickers of warm tones) and then it also has lighting for specific situations, such as Cozy (warm glow), Focus (cold white light) and TV Time (dim, blue light). There’s a curious “Functional” setting for “Plant Growth, which I like having on in the evenings.

The settings are highly cutomisable from the speed at which the lights cycle through tones, the timing and scheduling of their operation and the colours they display. All of it is super easy, only snag is you have to use your WiFi on whichever device you have connected to the lights via the App, or alternatively you could hook them up to a smart home voice control device like Amazon echo dot or you could just use the WiZmote that comes in the box.

WiZ Colours WiFi connected Smart LED bulb – Verdict

Buy them. They’re the perfect addition for the modern household and they make a great gift. You can buy them here.

5DDs out of 5

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