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Christmas gift suggestions

heDD Team December 20, 2017 Tech Comments Off on Christmas gift suggestions

Struggling to find some Christmas gifts last minute? Here are some techy suggestions from our friends at

If like us you’ve been too busy to get out and do some Christmas shopping, or – also like us – you simply can’t stand the mass hoards of rabid shoppers in town and couldn’t think of anything worse to do with five hours, we have some suggestions to help.

Half the pain of Christmas shopping is deciding what to buy and having to do that decision making in the middle of a shopping storm. In the video above, Gadgetsboy has selected five techy gifts that will hit the spot.

Last minute Christmas gifts:

Syma X5UW drone with HD camera – £89.99

Providing a live stream, the X5UW is a fun, lightweight quadcopter drone that offers an affordable gateway into the world of aerial photos and videos. It’s also capable of performing some nice tricks such as 360 flips. Controllable from both your phone and the provided controller, the stylish-looking X5UW is a great present for anyone who loves gadgets.

Buy here: X5UW Drone

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 – £299

Designed with professional DJs and audiophiles in mind, the HDJ-X10’s are heavy-duty headphones that pack a rich, dynamic sound, which is pretty much unrivalled in its class.

Audio precision is key when it comes to this set and with well-mixed and recorded tracks, the HDJ-X10’s will show off the full texture and tapestry of delicately layered vocals, and pick out every hi-hat hit with clarity. They’re also durable, rigid and flexible in the right places and wonderfully soft where comfort is needed. As they’re designed for pros, they feature a mini-XLR connector for the cans as opposed to standard 3.5mm minijack. There’s a gold-plated minijack on the end of the cable, plus a 6.3mm jack adapter and extension cord in the box. For sweaty types, these cans feature a hydrophobic nano coating that resists moisture and will keep them fresher for longer.

If these cost a little too much, Pioneer DJ also offer a couple of other great options at the lower end, namely the HDJ-X7 and HDJ-X5 headphones. Both offer great mid-to-low end performance.

Buy here: Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

Lumos Smart Helmet – £149

These folks were one of the first companies to market with a truly smart helmet. The Lumos Helmet offers an acceleration-powered automatic break light and turn signalling, all with wireless control. Durable and weather proof, this helmet looks cool and will keep cycling types safe. Great gift for anyone interested in cycling, namely because it’s a helmet they will actually want to wear!

Buy here: Lumos Smart Helmet

JBL Link 10 – £149

Signature JBL high-quality sound, 5 hours playback and powered by smart technology, the new JBL Link 10 is a superb portable speaker that you’ll never have to touch to operate. Featuring Google Assistant voice control and functionality, the Link 10 can be controlled remotely simply by talking to it. You can search for and select songs and also get answers from google search, such as weather updates or trivia.

Compatible with multi-room playback, the Link 10s can also connect to Chromecast in a Smart TV for example, or any other speakers with Chromecast built into them. Another benefit to owning this speaker is that it features an IPX 7 waterproof rating, making it perfect for swimming pools, beaches, festivals and camping holidays.

Buy here: JBL Link 10 Black

Nintendo Switch – £279.99

Portable solo and multiplayer gaming is at the heart of the Nintendo Switch, the latest console/handheld device from the Japanese gaming giants. Capable of docking and connecting to a TV, the Switch is a great device for casual gamers as well as diehard fans of Nintendo classics such as Mario and Zelda.

Buy here: Nintendo Switch

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