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The Kraken Unleashes “Screamfest”: The Most Terrifying Movie Experience Ever

heDD Team September 27, 2017 Events Comments Off on The Kraken Unleashes “Screamfest”: The Most Terrifying Movie Experience Ever

October… ‘tis the season for Hollywood horror blockbusters, with hopeful fans lining up at cinemas up and down the country to be terrified. But for the seasoned aficionado there’s just one screening that will plunge viewers into a true terror abyss: The Kraken Screamfest.

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This new festival of fearsome film from The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is turning every element of the familiar movie-going experience on its head, and leaves audiences nowhere to hide.

To ensure phobias of even the most hardened connoisseurs are catered to, the featured film will be chosen by devotees of the genre on the Kraken Facebook and Twitter pages from a shortlist of the most chilling classics of all time, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Shining. But that’s where the familiarity ends, my friends…

The Kraken Screamfest audience members certainly will be taking their seats in an auditorium rammed to the rafters with horrifying clowns (the petrifying persona du jour, thanks to this year’s It remake). And if a run-of-the mill clown doesn’t get the hairs on their neck standing up, these ones will – created by UK horror film expert make-up artist, Kate Griffiths, who’s twisted talent lies behind films like LoganChristmas Slay and Invasion of the Not-Quite-DeadGuests will also have the chance for their own creepy clown makeover by Kate and her team of course.

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If the on-screen action gets too much, fret not, the lobby will offer some respite: with a chilling selection of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum cocktails, including The Perfect Storm, The Oceans Have Eyes and The Bride of Krakenstein, and inked pick’n’mix accompaniment. And if they still need to let off some steam, they’ll be actively encouraged to produce their most gut-wrenching, spine-chilling sounds in a scream-activated photo booth.

The Kraken Screamfest will be taking place on Friday 13th at London’s Rio cinema in Dalston and the EVERYMAN theatre in Leeds. More information about the events can also be found on The League of Darkness, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Twitter pageInstagramFacebook and via #ISCREAMFORKRAKEN  (where fans can also find out more about how to vote and additional terrifying treats and prizes). There will be a limited allocation of seats per screening. Anyone wishing to ensure a ticket is encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment.

Horror fans unable to make it to Screamfest can host their own event at home by heading out and visiting one of over 2,000 venues taking part in Screamfest nationwide.

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