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Barbershops overtake pubs as safe space for men to ‘hang out’

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Ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day on Sunday September 10, a new survey has revealed that a staggering 58% of men still feel that they cannot openly speak out about their mental health.


The survey by men’s mental health charity The Lions Barber Collective and premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge has revealed that men are now spending more time in their barbershops each month then at their local watering holes. From 1,726 surveyed men living in the UK, 92% declared that they visit their barbershop or hair salon at least once per month. Ten per cent even admit to making weekly trips to smarten up their styles and socialise with like-minded regulars. In comparison, only 70% make the effort to visit their local pub at least once a month.

The shift from pubs to barbershops also highlights the strengthening relationship that men now have with their barbers. This is supported by 69% of the surveyed men, who rate their relationship with their barber far better than their relationship with their local pub landlord.

On this shift, Managing Director of The Bluebeards Revenge David Hildrew, said: “While the past might have seen a man confiding in the landlords and ladies that pour him his favourite beverage, barbering’s recent renaissance has allowed men to develop real and meaningful relationships with the professionals that cut their hair.”

Barbershops – doing more than just cutting hair

The former Royal Marine Commando went on to praise the efforts of charities such as The Lions Barber Collective for using this newly founded channel to break down the barriers that men build when talking about mental illness. Being able to talk, means that a larger number of men are finding the support they need before their wellbeing and mental health deteriorates to a critical and life-threatening level.

According to statistics from the Samaritans website, suicide remains the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK and, for example in 2014, as many as 74% of all suicide victims in the UK were male.

The Lions Barber Collective are working with The Bluebeards Revenge to help raise the awareness of men’s mental health. The Bluebeards Revenge is rolling out an on pack awareness campaign, as well as launching a co-branded hair styling gel with the profits going to the charity’s great cause. You can view the full survey results here.

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