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Terminator 2 is back and in 3D – and it’s AWESOME!

heDD Team August 31, 2017 Film Comments Off on Terminator 2 is back and in 3D – and it’s AWESOME!


We have UK distributor StudioCanal to thank for the return of the Terminator, 26 years since it first hit the silver screen and we’re immensely grateful. Following an early press screening, we were excited to see how this re-release would be received when it came back to cinemas at the end of August (29th) and having watched the box office numbers over opening weekend, it was great to see that the hunger for Arnie’s greatest performance was still there.

Terminator 2 3D – It’s not just about the 3D

Terminator 2 3D

3D re-releases used to suck, let’s be honest, but the film isn’t just 3D it’s also been given a beautiful 4K restoration treatment, enhancing the colours and details significantly. And the team behind Terminator 2: 3D did such an incredible job rendering the 3D effects on this action classic that it raises the intensity of the film’s iconic chase and fight sequences. Scenes including Robert Patrick’s unmistakably menacing sprint and elevator stab, are cranked up to a whole new level with the power of 3D and despite having seen the film numerous times throughout my life, Terminator 2 3D kept us on the edge of our seats throughout the screening.

Terminator 2: 3D went straight to number one at the UK box office on its opening and took £448,162, accounting for 17% of the overall UK box office takings according to Yahoo Movies. It’s also the most successful high profile re-release of its kind, beating Jurassic Park, Blade Runner: Director’s cut and the timely Back to the Future trilogy.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it at opening, it’s still in cinemas for a limited time so we would highly recommend you check it out.

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