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Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus makes the iPhone dual screen

heDD Team June 28, 2017 Tech Comments Off on Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus makes the iPhone dual screen

Oaxis, a leading consumer technology company, today announces the latest in its family of E-Ink cases, the InkCase i7 Plus for iPhone 7 Plus is now live on crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The multifaceted, scratch-resistant and now waterproof smart case merges the functionality of an e-reader with the convenience of a smartphone to bring users the world’s most advanced E Ink display for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus

Following on from the massive success of the InkCase i7, the i7 Plus now has the latest Carta 1.2 E Ink panel; the most advanced E Ink screen available in the industry. The contrast is vastly improved where white is brighter and black is darker, a huge improvement when compared to the E Ink Pearl used in most e-reader devices, including the Amazon Kindle. This super thin case adds only 4mm of thickness to the iPhone 7 Plus and according to its creators it’s surprisingly light despite the added functionality it provides.

The anti-glare screen absorbs the sun rays and reduces reflections, which should be ideal for reading booking in the park or (if you’re lucky) on the beach. The screen area, now 5.2”, has also been increased by 40% from the original iPhone 7 and unlike other e-readers, has the added benefit of removing all distractions, including advertisements. Plus, with its “Read It Now” function, users can archive downloaded articles from mobile browsers and apps as well as multiple eBooks for reading offline without draining the iPhone’s battery.

oaxis e-ink case - exploded view

oaxis push-news

Oaxis has listened and acted upon customer feedback on its previous models and now the InkCase i7 Plus has the ability to offer push news functions; a self-learning algorithm to display news for individual users based on their preferred genre. This news function is also automatically transferred to the InkCase so they no longer have to be manually synced as was the case in previous iterations of the e-ink case.

The new case has the added benefit of eliminating distractions by automatically removing all ads and annoying links, images and texts.  To add a personal touch, users can further personalise their display wallpaper with a customisable template for live information centre widgets such as reminders, calendar, time or steps that day.

4 generations - oaxis e-ink case

The InkCase i7 Plus Availability

The InkCase i7 Plus is available to early bird backers on Kickstarter from 28th June 2017 for just US$89 (£70.22). The first production samples will be with backers within just one month!

The price of the InkCase i7 Plus after the campaign with be US$159 (£125.45)

Available in black and white. For more information, visit:

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