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TV signal issues solved – Once and for all

heDD Team May 3, 2017 Tech Comments Off on TV signal issues solved – Once and for all

The SV9495 indoor active HD TV antenna from One For All is part of a range of compact and neatly designed solutions for patchy digital TV signal issues

In this day and age when you can watch a Netflix series on your smartphone, it seems ridiculous to think that we can ever experience TV signal issues when in the comfort of our own homes. Most of you are probably too young to remember having to stick a clothes hanger in your TV to try and make Last of the Summer Wine viewable, but for those of you who do, put your clothes hangers away; One For All has a solution – and it works!

In the box, you get the slim antenna, a power plug and lead, wall mount stand with screws and a basic setup guide – not so much. But you don’t need much, as this antenna is largely plug and play. We managed to find a friend who’s unfortunate enough to live in central London and has horrific TV signal issues, due to the amount of high-rise buildings surrounding their home. Their TV has been notorious for dropping signal, repeatedly, and typically during the most critical parts of TV shows. It’s been a major source of frustration for our friend and as a result, they had been forced to sign-up and subscribe to watching on-demand internet TV services instead of general digital TV; a costly consequence of her poor signal problems.

However, within minutes of arriving, we’d plugged in the SV9495, retuned her TV by searching for channels and the problem was solved. All digital and DAB radio channels restored. No more signal drop-outs. The box sat neatly and discreetly beside the TV set, without making an eyesore out of itself.

TV Signal issues – What makes the SV9495 HD TV Antenna so effective?

It uses Automatic Gain Control, which allows it to respond to fluctuations in signal strength, keeping the signal to the TV consistent. This particular model has a powerful signal amplifier boost up to 54 dB, making it one of the strongest units in the range. It also has a signal level indicator, to show you where the signal strength is best around the living room or bedroom, so you can move around with it and place it in the optimum position. And to combat all of that mobile signal noise, the SV9495 can block out 4G LTE with its built-in filter, providing a cleaner signal for the TV, helping to make the picture as clear as possible.

Best of all, it’s largely future proof because it’s compatible with 4K Ultra HD programming content, which may not be all that useful right now, it means you won’t have to go out and buy a new antenna to solve your TV signal issues when 4K TV shows become the standard.

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