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Stunning Love Nature Exhibition Launches App

heDD Team April 7, 2017 Events Comments Off on Stunning Love Nature Exhibition Launches App

Love Nature 4K Exhibition lets public come face-to-face with sights and sounds of most endangered animals

Love Nature - Great Ape

Digital artist Kelly Richardson at the hyper-real ‘Closer to Nature’ exhibition. Photo: David Parry/PA Wire

Renowned digital artist Kelly Richardson has created a new, hyper-real exhibition that puts the public face-to-face with the world’s most endangered animals. The immersive and provocative installation highlights the plight of those animals as most at risk of being lost in a generation.
The free ‘Closer to Nature’ public exhibition, commissioned by LOVE NATURE a new ‘Netflix for nature lovers’ on-demand wildlife channel celebrates the beauty of these near-extinct animals. Using 4K (Ultra-HD) content, the installation transports viewers via sight and sound into their natural environment in an experience that is as close to nature as physically being there in person.

Love Nature - Turtle

Pictured: Turtle

As well as stunning footage of the ten endangered animals, viewers can experience a poignant one-minute ‘animal’ silence as one-by-one each animal disappears from its landscape (and screen), giving a glimpse into a future world where these creatures and their distinctive sounds no longer exist.

The 10 most endangered animals featured in the exhibition are all listed as priority species by WWF International:

  1.    Polar Bear
  2.    Gorilla
  3.    White Rhino
  4.    Asian fresh water turtle
  5.    African Elephant
  6.    Bonobo
  7.    Snow Leopard
  8.    Red Panda
  9.    Orangutan
  10.  Reef Shark

Kelly Richardson, artist, comments: “Being given access to such rich, 4K wildlife footage has enabled me to create a truly immersive and provocative piece of work, that transports the viewer closer to nature and forces them to confront the threat these incredible animals face.   It is so important we do everything we can to raise awareness of their plight and protect natural environments so endangered animals like these do not become lost forever.”

Love Nature Exhibition

Jo Parkinson, MD of LOVE NATURE comments: “We are on a mission to bring audiences closer to the beauty and wonder of the natural world, sharing awe-inspiring stories and shining a light on the fight for survival in ever-changing environments.  This exhibition is a stunning and powerful way to remind people why it’s so important we all do our bit towards protecting the planet.”

We attended the press launch and were absolutely blown away by the exhibition. If you love nature and animals, and you can make it into London this weekend, this FREE pop-up exhibition is unmissable.

What: ‘Closer to Nature’ public exhibition by Kelly Richardson
Where: 133 Shoreditch Gallery in London, 133 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG
When: Now until Sunday 9th April

LOVE NATURE is a new subscription video on-demand app that immerses viewers in the beauty and wonder of the natural world through exceptional, 4K quality wildlife and nature series. LOVE NATURE is dedicated to raising awareness about global environmental issues and through a content partnership with World Wildlife Fund International, helping towards protecting wildlife and animal habitats worldwide.

Available as a one-month FREE trial followed by £3.99 a month, this subscription video streaming service is available as an iOS and Android app from the Apple App Store and Google Play. It is available on internet-connected devices including Mobile and Tablet, Sony Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Nexus Player, Roku streaming players and Xbox One with offline viewing of downloaded content on mobile and tablet.

To access LOVE NATURE go to or download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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