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Over 50% of Samsung owners will upgrade to S8

heDD Team April 5, 2017 Tech Comments Off on Over 50% of Samsung owners will upgrade to S8

New research reveals that over half of Samsung users are planning to upgrade to the new Galaxy S8 when it’s released

Galaxy S8

Ahead of the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, mobile phone insurance specialist Insurance2Go surveyed 1,000 British smartphone users to see how many would be planning to make the move to the S8. And even before the phones’ full specs were revealed, it seems that both a huge chunk of already loyal Samsung fans, and a sizeable amount of other smartphone brand users, are intending to make a switch.

With the removal of a physical home screen button, the inclusion of an iris scanner and rear finger scanner, as well as intelligent personal-assistant app “Bixby” (Samsung’s answer to Siri) it’s not entirely surprising that so many people are willing to make the change to Samsung.

However, Samsung’s somewhat explosive history has been a possible deterrent to smartphone users in the past, with 36% of those who are avoiding the Korean brand blaming the Note 7’s battery problems as the reason and a further 38% reckon the new Samsung will be too expensive to begin with.

Galaxy S8

iPhone users, notoriously loyal to the Apple brand, are a hard crowd to win. However, one in ten (10%) iPhone users have been swayed by the S8 and admitted that they will be moving to Samsung when their next handset upgrade is due. A third (30%) of LG owners will be making the move to the Samsung model, with four in five (78%) of those doing so because the phone is more aesthetically pleasing than their LG, and 27% of HTC users will also be making the switch because of the same reason (69%).

Gary Beeston, Marketing Director of Insurance2Go said: “The iPhone has dominated the smartphone market for years, despite stiff competition from Samsung and other Android phones.”

“However, more consumers are making the switch due to better specs, rather than what brand a phone is. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a changing ratio of Apple – Android phones being insured, and this research just shows that actually, Apple might need to up its game to keep fans loyal.”

Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is due out on April 21st, if you’ve pre-ordered it or you’re planning to upgrade when you can click here for a list of respectable mobile insurance providers including Insurance2Go. With so much screen real estate and almost zero bezel to take bumps, it may be wise to protect this beautiful device.

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