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The Nokia 3310 Returns

heDD Team March 1, 2017 Tech Comments Off on The Nokia 3310 Returns

Nokia is back and returns to the mobile phone foray with a rebooted version of the classic Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 2017

Don’t call it a comeback, call it a muthafoxing takeover! Seriously, who would have thought that the Nokia 310, a reboot of a phone release 17 years ago would dominate the news coverage of MWC 2017?

The return of the Nokia 3310 was rumoured ahead of the show as Nokia brand announced it would be returning to mobile phones and smart devices a few months back under the new company of HMD. So when the brand hosted an exclusive Pre-MWC presser, the audience in the room and fans watching across the globe waited to see whether the 3310 rumours were true. They kept us waiting for the reveal until the very end, after discussing the first wave of new era Nokia devices, now utilising the Google Android platform (about bluddy time). But the wait was worth it and the look and feel of the new Nokia 3310 is lovely, it’s what we could only describe as a kawaii take on the millennial classic.

The sleekly designed new Nokia 3310 weighs only 79.6g – so it can hardly be called a “brick” now – and features a significantly more powerful battery life that will offer a month of standby battery, yes, a month. Limited to 2G connectivity, there’s also a couple of upgrades, including; a colour screen, microSD slot (up to 16GB), FM Radio and MP3 Player, and…wait for it…a 2MP camera – WOAH. Oh, and it has a removable battery, remember those? Of course, modern apps such as whatsapp, facebook and instagram aren’t going to work with this beauty so it’s strictly for people looking for healthier relationships basic phone functionality.

Availability of the Nokia 3310 is expected this summer and it will cost around £40-50.

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