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Tammy Abraham Exclusive: Watching Rashford and Alli motivates me

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One of England’s rising talents says he is inspired by watching fellow countrymen Dele Alli and Marcus Rashford.

Q. When you see players like Marcus Rashford and Dele Alli succeeding at international level, how much does that motivate you to do the same?

TA: It motivates me a lot really. To see what they’re doing makes me want to do the same. It makes you think that if other people can do it then maybe you can do the same. Everyone has their time and hopefully mine will come soon.

Q. Where do you feel the team can finish in the table by the end of the season?

TA: The aim is to reach the promotion spots, so hopefully top 6. Fingers crossed; if we keep going the way we are going and maintain good form we can definitely achieve top 10. We have to keep trying our best.Q. Did you set any aims for yourself this season?

TA: I would like to get 20 or more goals this season but obviously I don’t want to limit myself or put too much pressure on myself. I’ve just got to keep going.

Q. Do you play much FIFA 17 in your free time, and if so what team do you play with the most?

TA: Yeah I do play in my free time and I normally play with my own Ultimate Team.

Q. What do you think about your FIFA 17 rating?

TA: I think it’s decent really. I’ve got good speed although it could improve in the shooting and dribbling, but as I keep playing and keep getting the experience, hopefully I can bulk it up!

Q. Many people have compared you to The Journey character Alex Hunter. Do you see the similarities?

TA: Yeah I can see the similarities with us both being from South London. It’s kind of exciting to see those kinds of things when you are playing, and when you’re away from the pitch you’re able to compare it to your own game.

Q. What is your favourite goal you’ve scored this season?

TA: I have had a couple that I have quite enjoyed. But probably Sheffield Wednesday, my first goal, which was a header. It was a different type of finish from myself and I was quite excited to score a goal like that.

Tammy Abraham was speaking on Alex Hunter and The Journey to, to read the full interview, head here.


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