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Best Shoe Repairs in London – Vibram Academy

heDD Team January 4, 2017 Fashion Comments Off on Best Shoe Repairs in London – Vibram Academy

New year, new shoes? No need thanks to the talented folks at Vibram Academy London in Old Street


Do you have a pair of old shoes that you no longer wear because the soles are worn or hanging off? I used to have a few and it was devastating to hang them up when their soles became damaged, especially because the body of the shoe was in relatively good condition.

Those beloved shoes were in the cupboard, collecting dust while I kept saying to myself I’d find a cobblers to fix them. There was one next to the tube station near work that I kept meaning to take them into, but the old-fashioned look of the repair jobs displayed in the window put me off. But when I discovered Vibram Academy in Old Street, I was inspired! Leaders in high-performance rubber soles Vibram Academy will not only repair damaged soles, but they’ll also allow you to customise perfectly conditioned shoes with its Vibram Sole Factor concept. For example, if you find a particular piece of footwear needs more grip or you want a platform sole on a pair of Converse – they’ll sort you out.

Vibram Academy - options

Vibram Academy

Vibram Academy - Converse

Staffed by a family run traditional cobblers the quality of their work is incredible and with a wide range of colours and materials available I was able to breath new life into my beloved brogues. I gave the darker pair a black sole made from recycled rubber, while the lighter brown pair got a vibrant red sole, which worked really well and gave them a contemporary-but-classic look. A colleague opted for some added grip on her “meeting heels” and although the look remained unchanged, her shoes are much more practical now.

The store is located in 215 City Road, about 5 minutes North of Old Street tube station. Prices vary but the service is quick, friendly and reliable. We couldn’t recommend them more.



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