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Five Men’s Grooming Products To Keep You Fresh Through The Winter

Jon Devo August 31, 2016 Grooming Comments Off on Five Men’s Grooming Products To Keep You Fresh Through The Winter


It’s nonsense that men don’t use moisturisers and the like. Real men don’t use crap moisturisers, boys do, that’s if they use moisturiser at all. But men rarely change products once they find something that delivers the results they’re after. Truth is we’re change and failure averse! However, the air is getting colder (and dryer) and we’re not getting any younger, so steps must be taken to keep up appearances.

In the past, I’ve been quite boring when it comes to skincare products, sticking to the mainstream grooming brands by default. I figured they paid the most for advertising, surely their products must be the best. But I was wrong. In my search for something better I’ve discovered a few products I love that aren’t necessarily household names, at least in the types of househoulds I’ve grown up in and around.

IMEDEEN (Man-Age-Ment) Skin Performance Formula



A secret skincare weapon, Imedeen skin performance formula is a tablet-based suppliment, that promises to improve the collagen levels in your skin and improve your overall skin quality. The product contains good stuff like Zinc, Lycopene, grape seed extract and vitamin C. The aim of it? To combat the visible signs of skin ageing. A standard pack contains 60 tablets, and costs around £45, depending on where you shop.

That should last you a month as it’s recommended you take two a day, although to see real results, it’s recommended you take the suppliments for at least three months. Although saying that, I tried these out last year, and I noticed some tangible results after only two months. My skin felt softer and I noticed fewer in-grown hairs following shaving of my neck and cheeks. If you have ageing or dry skin, this may be a good product for you to try out. Head here for more info and science:

Soveral for men



Alexandra Soveral is an award-winning skincare brand, and while searching for some new products to introduce to my skincare routine – yeah I said it – I stumbled across a couple Soveral products I love. Firstly, they smell beautiful – fresh but warm and manly, but most importantly Soveral products are all organically produced. That means, no bleached waxes or butters and no refined oils for example. This means each batch may vary throughout the year in colour, or scent, but their essence is natural, and natural my friends, is a good thing. Especially if it’s going into or on your body.

One oy favourite bits from Soveral includes the Eye C Vitamin brightening eye serum, which uses vitamin C and pomegranate extract to fight puffy/tired-looking eyes and make you feel fresher. The antioxidants in the serum are designed to re-enforce the skins natural defences. If you do late nights and early mornings, this is something you should check out. A 15ml bottle costs around £45. But as I said, Soveral products for men are general great quality and I’ve had a solidly positive performance from all of the ones I’ve tried. The men’s range is relatively new, but if you’re looking for something new check out Soveral for men and see if you can find something you like.

Bulldog Skincare


I’ve never tried Bulldog’s moisturiser but I rate the company’s Original face wash and shave gel. Bulldog products contain a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients and get this, they’re Vegan friendly and founded in Britain. The concept behind Bulldog skincare products? They’re designed and created specifically for male skin and hair. I found the face wash and dhave balm effective and hyrdating. I have typically oily skin, but a lot of conventional soap-based products can dry it out quite quickly or they don’t feel like they’ve fully removed all of the daily grime. Bulldog manages both with the couple of bits that I’ve used, which left me feeling clean, fresh and hydrated and I liked that they didn’t have strong scents, they’re products are quite affordable too. Head to for more info and to see the rest of the range.

L’Oréal Paris Men Expert – Vita Lift 5 Daily Moisturiser


As a man JUST about on the right side of 30, I initially felt uncomfortable being seen looking at, let alone owning anti-ageing products. But the wisdom seems to be in taking pre-emptive and preventative action. L’Oréal specialises in high-quality grooming products, their face wash is another winner for me, but I absolutely love the face moisturiser. It’s ingredients are designed to promote the production our skin’s natural defences, such as collagen and elastin proteins, which are good for skin endurance and firmness.

L’Oréal Paris claims this moisturiser can help reduce the impact of puffy eyes and double chin by “dissolving fat”, and although I don’t have any such dramatic affects to report from having used this product, it definitely helped my skin feel firmer and stay hydrated. I like it. If you’re after a moisturiser that isn’t too heavy or too light while managing to combat dry skin, keep you fresh and smells good, have a look here for more info.

Label.M – Conditioners


Professional haircare makers Label.M don’t mess about. They have a massively extensive range of quality hair products, with something to suit pretty much every style and type of hair. Created by hairdressers and used by hairdressers. Free of some of the nasty ingredients that can be found in many mass-marketed products, such as Sodium Chloride and Paraben, the Label.M range includes some great organic and effective hair treatments. One such product that I like is the Label.M Therapy Rejuvenating Mask (for hair – obvs). It’s one of the most recent additions to the company’s lineup and it’s a beauty. This intensive mask helps to repair tired and damaged hair, giving it a welcomed boost in terms of texture and look, especially as the winter months set in. Head here to read more about this product and click here for the range.


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