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Pokemon Go: A Security Threat?

heDD Team July 16, 2016 Gaming Comments Off on Pokemon Go: A Security Threat?

pokemon go

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go, you’re not living.

In the space of a few weeks, Pokemon Go has gone from cute retro AR mobile game to a worldwide sensation that is more searched than porn. The massive success of the title that has caught like wildfire also saw Nintendo’s share price rocket up $7 Billion in the space of a week.

But as with all things popular, there are risks such as serious physical injury and death – if you believe the bonkers “Pokemon Go made me walk off the edge of a cliff” stories. But even if you’re not a lemming, there are other risks such as personal data security. Unfortunately cybercriminals are trying to capitalise on the hype and have begun creating social media scams and Trojanized versions of the app to take advantage of Pokemon Go players, while other users have developed ways to cheat at Pokemon Go, such as spoofing GPS locations, and the official app was also hit with controversy over privacy issues related to the permissions it requests.

In light of these concerns, Norton by Symantec has taken a look at the security issues surrounding Pokemon Go and how users can protect their device, such as;

–          Free PokeCoin scams – the verification process requires users to fill in surveys, install applications, or sign up for services which the scammers earn money from

–          Trojanized Pokemon Go apps – these gives hackers complete access to a users’ phone once downloaded

–          Pokemon Go cheaters – users install a self-created trusted certificate on their phone which could be used to identify vulnerabilities in Pokemon Go’s backend API

–          Permissions and privacy – the app generates a lot of data, like location profiles and movement patterns

–          Mitigation – advice to ensure that users reduce the risk of these attacks

For more information and to protect your decks, checkout Symantec’s blog here.

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