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Get Crowd-Surfing Fit with StubHub

heDD Team July 16, 2016 Health Comments Off on Get Crowd-Surfing Fit with StubHub

Ticket marketplace StubHub has teamed up with Gymbox in Farringdon to provide some festival-inspired gym classes.

If you’ve ever been to a festival you’ll already know that it can leave you battered and bruised, especially if you’re making the most of it. So for that reason StubHub has created a workout programme to help you get fit enough to crowdsurf your way to festival glory.

The classes can be done in a lunch break and will cover a range of fitness areas, from core strength to cardio and improving your endurance. Watch the video above for an idea about what’s involved and if you want to join the madness, head here for more info:

Learn to Crowd Surf with StubHub and Gymbox Farringdon!

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