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Best Beard Trimmers 2016 – Buying Guide

heDD Team April 27, 2016 Grooming Comments Off on Best Beard Trimmers 2016 – Buying Guide
Best Beard Trimmers 2016 – Buying Guide

Braun Featured Image

Beards are steadily being tamed as more and more men opt for a cleaner look. We’re not quite going for the full clean shave though. So if you’re trying to keep up with the kept beard trend here are some of the best beard trimmers currently available.

BT5050 Braun Beard Trimmer BT5050 – £34.99


Braun is all about precision, so the latest beard trimmer from the is expectedly on point. No shit. This is probably the best beard trimmer I’ve come across since I was 14 and using my nan’s surgical scissors to maintain the thin line of hair I’d grown along my jawline.

The BT5050 offers a trim from 1-10mm in length in 0.5mm steps; along with the long beard come (10-20mm) it gives you 25 settings, which is more precision than most could hope for. The blades are sharp, offering little drag and making for a quick and pull-free trimming experience. The fact that the trimmer is also fully usable and washable in water.

Philips QG3362/23 Multigroom Grooming kit – £24.99

Philips QG3362:23 Multigroom Grooming kit

This trimmer offers a good balance of performance and value for money. It’s waterproof, powerful and offers a bunch of attachments (10 to be precise), which will cut hair at 18 different length settings. The QG3362/23 (who names these fucking things) also offers a detail foil shaver for edge finishing and a 2mm detail trimmer for fine lines. It even has a nose trimmer, if you’re into that kind of thing.

You can use this this trimmer with and without a cord and the quick charge feature means you can get enough juice in it to get in a sneaky trim if you’re somewhere that doesn’t have a power plug near a mirror.

BaByliss for Men Super Stubble 7898U – £59.99

Babyliss for Men Super Stubble 7898U

Touted as an ultra-precise trimmer, the BaByliss 7898U offers beard control from designer stubble to the short-kept bearded look. Using an advanced motorised “floating” contouring head, tracks the shape of your face for increased comfort. This trimmer has “electro-chemically” sharpened blades that can trim down to 0.4mm for that 5 O’clock shadow look.

90 minutes of charging will deliver 60 minutes use and this unit is also waterproof so can be used in the shower. BaByliss are so confident in the product the company offers a 3 year guarantee.

Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit – £44.99

Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit

If you want a clean shave, literally, the Remington MB6550 will vacuum up the shavings as you go – nice. This 32mm wide trimmer offers detailed action, which is great for shaping beards and hairlines. The adjustable comb (2-16mm) will allow for the maintenance of beards at a variety of lengths and styles.

A full charge offers an hour of cordless use and offers a mini foil shaver for clean shaven areas. Sink hairs can be a big bone of contention for some partners, so the vacuum capability is a nice touch. It also comes with a 3 year guarantee.

BaByliss For Men +7895U i-stubble Trimmer – £54.99

BaByliss For Men +7895U i-stubble Trimmer

Stubble is the aim of the game with the i-stubble trimmer. It offers 15 precise length settings for a range of styles, from short stubble to a short kept beard. The same advanced electro-chemically sharpened blades and floating contour-trimming performance seen in the BaByliss super trimmer is here, but the motorised control only offers trimming from 0.4mm to 5mm.

You’ll get 45 minutes of use from a full 90-minute charge and it can be used with and without a cord.

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