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Braun Series 9 Shaver Review

heDD Team August 15, 2015 Grooming, Reviews Comments Off on Braun Series 9 Shaver Review


The latest Braun Series 9 shaver (9095cc) is the Lambo of electronic shaving tools. Well crafted, slickly designed and highly effective, if you’ve got the dosh, this is the mut’s nuts.

It doesn’t come cheap at just over £200, but you get what pay for. As soon as you unbox the shaver its quality is communicated by its weight and its smooth, cool texture. It also comes with an updated cleaning station that has a helpful LED display and a premium feel leather carry case for when you’re travelling.

I owned the previous model, the Braun Series 7 (maybe eight’s an unlucky number in Germany) and while it did a great job, it wasn’t perfect. To get a proper smooth shave I had to put a lot of pressure on my skin when using the older model. But the 9095cc model that I have is a dream. It gets the job done quicker with much less pressure, delivering smooth skin with minimal effort and even less irritation. The other thing I noticed when I used the new model for the first time was that it’s not as noisy as the previous model. In fact the sound of it is quite enjoyable, it’s a lower pitched smooth buzz that doesn’t threaten your hearing while shaving side burn areas. The last model sounded like a juicer, mixed with an electronic carving knife.


Charging and docking

Braun-Series9 in cleaner

The Braun Series 9 shaver charges from dead to full in an hour and provides about an hour of cordless shaving (if you’ve got a proper big chin). If you’re a normal gent, it’ll last about five days before needing to be docked again, which is great. The 9095cc displays the battery level, which turns into a numerical value at nine minutes to help you avoid being caught short and having the shaver die on you mid-shave.

One of the things I love most about Braun’s premium electronic shavers is the Clean&Charge docking station. The comprehensive cleaning function of the dock helps to prolong the life of your shaver and keeps your shaver hygienic, taking only six minutes to clean it fully and dry it off. Alternatively, the 9095cc can be cleaned by running it under water. But I doubt you’ll do a better job than the dock, everytime I do it, my shaver smells fresh and feels brand new. The only drawback is the cleaning fluid cartridges themselves, they’re expensive. You can make them last a little longer if you routinely pop off the foil section and shake the hairs off the shaver carriage though.

Braun Series 9 Shaver



The built-in precision trimmer is the only weak link in the Braun Series 9 shaver’s locker. It’s OK for longer stray hairs, but it’s no way near as effective as the dedicated little Braun Precision trimmer that I use to keep my beard’s edges sharp and tidy, so I need them both to get the job done perfectly.

At £220 RRP it will be too expensive for some, but if you’re considering a premium shaver this is about as good as they get. The results are superb.


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