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Mobile Memory for iPhones by leef iBRIDGE

heDD Team April 27, 2015 Tech Comments Off on Mobile Memory for iPhones by leef iBRIDGE

What’s the worst thing about our beloved iDevices, other than average battery life? It’s the fact that there’s no way to increase your phone or tablet’s storage capacity, because they have sealed bodies and no expansion slots.

That’s why Leef has created iBRIDGE, a portable mobile memory bank. Using the iBRIDGE will save you from being thwarted by the frustrating “memory full” message that  pops up when you’re trying to take a picture. Instead, you can regularly dump all of your images onto the iBRIDGE’s 256GB so that you can keep your device memory from clogging up. You can also save recorded media directly to the iBRIDGE’s memory so that you won’t miss a moment during emergencies.
Another benefit of Leef’s new memory storage is that you can also load it up with media to enjoy for long journeys. Compatible with iOS7/iOS8 devices, the iBRIDGE is available from £49 in 16GB to 256GB capacities, and it also looks pretty decent. We like the design of the memory device too as it plugs in securely into the base of an iDevice and wraps around the back. It’s a great fit.

The Leef iBRIDGE can be bought from the company’s website (, and Carphone Warehouse.

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