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IMPOSSIBLE Project Round Film Ideal for Creative Photography

heDD Team March 6, 2015 Art Comments Off on IMPOSSIBLE Project Round Film Ideal for Creative Photography

Color-600-Round-Frame-(PRD_4157)-side-fwInstant film champions Impossible Project has a new range of circular film that will inspire you to get involved in some creative photography. Using trusty old film.

Based on a limited-run Polaroid instant film produced in Europe a decade ago, round frame film was re-introduced by Impossible in a B&W 600 version, late last year. It was an instant hit. Round Frame films are now becoming ‘standard’ with Impossible’s growing family of 600 and SX-70 films, and offered alongside traditional square framed films.
04.SX70_By_Diego_Meijido-fw 01.600_B_By_Diego_Meijido-fw
The range from Impossible includes four colours designed for the Instant Lab Universal as well as classic Color 600 and SX-70 Polaroid film cameras. We’re loving the circular twist on Polaroid’s classic square film.

Check out some of the dope FB submissions, there is tonnes of inspirational work there. head to: for film photography bits and info.

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