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Being ‘Metrosexual’ Outdated As “New Men” Identified

heDD Team November 17, 2014 Grooming Comments Off on Being ‘Metrosexual’ Outdated As “New Men” Identified

A study released by Braun today has identified four new grooming ‘typologies’. Each typology, revealed by panel of grooming and male lifestyle experts, has been visually captured by photographer and legendary supermodel, Helena Christensen.

This new breed of super-groomed males (SGM’s) prove that a lot has changed since the term ‘metrosexual’ was coined in the early nineties. The four typologies have been revealed as:

  • Mr Mandrogynous:
    ·      Who: A slap in the face to old-school stereotypes of red-blooded heterosexual males, daily gym sessions keep him looking as good as his idol Cristiano Ronaldo·         Grooming Ritual: Buffed and supremely preened, he unselfconsciously practices Manscaping and indulges in regular spray tans. Aspiring to a hairless aesthetic, he’s likely to use the Braun WaterFlex shaver as the perfect wet-and-dry gym bag essential·         Expert Opinion: “‘He’s a narcissist…These guys are working out for themselves. They want to look in the mirror at the gym and feel good because they are so buff” says Lee Kynaston

    ·         Celebrity Example: Channing Tatum. Renowned for having one of the best bodies in Hollywood, bronzed blockbuster-star Tatum epitomizes the sculpted physique of the super-groomed Mr Mandrogynous.

  • Mainstream Moustache:
    ·         Who: Not quite a hipster, not quite not a hipster – he reached peak beard months ago. Inspired by Movember he’s taken on the reinvention of the moustache as a personal project·         Grooming Ritual: Whatever it is, it isn’t what everyone else is doing. To cultivate his own personal style he uses a dual-purpose electric shaver like the Braun Series 3 that offers a clean shave every other day or so, and attachments to keep his ’tache in shape once a month·         Expert Opinion:We’re starting to see regular guys who want to use a moustache to redefine their appearance. It used to be just the hipster in tweeds. But once David Beckham was spotted with one – well, all of that changed,” says Brendan Murdock

    ·         Celebrity Example: James Franco. Whether it’s penning short stories or teaching classes at UCLA, Franco’s far from the typical actor. He’s making edgy approachable and taking the moustache to the masses.

  • Metro-Dude:
    ·         Who: Re-inventing geek-chic, he’s the technophile driving the UK’s digital revolution – most likely to be found talking algorithms and app building·         Grooming Ritual: Up on the latest gadgetry but with the nous to get value for money, Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie and jeans are just the memory of a nightmare, while the Braun CoolTec shaver keeps him at the tech forefront of the shaving revolution·         Expert Opinion: “‘They are the ones who’ve been so busy staying on top of life,  reinventing what it means to be a tech-superstar that it’s taken a moment of inspiration from a partner or wife to up their grooming game” according to Mark Tungate

    ·         Celebrity Example: Benedict Cumberbatch. Sharply dressed and immaculately groomed, Cumberbatch’s starring roles in The Imitation Game and Sherlock have taken geek-chic to a whole new stratosphere.

  • The Remantic:
    ·         Who: The re-born romantic, he’s suave, sophisticated and high-powered. This guy sets trends in the city on a wage that is finally enough to live the lifestyle he’s always aspired to. Fancy cars? Bespoke suits? You name it, of course he has it·         Grooming Ritual: There’s no work-out too tough, and no regime too expensive. This guy will go to any lengths to prove he’s the best. Demanding the best, he uses a state of the art shaver, such as the Braun Series 7 to give him the cleanest of shaves·         Expert Opinion: “These men are the last word in class and they demand the best from every element of their life,’’ says Lee Kynaston

    ·         Celebrity Example: George Clooney. Every woman’s dream man, and every man’s idol, too, Clooney’s reputation for supreme styling is as strong as his chiseled jaw line. Frequently acclaimed as the ‘sexiest man alive’, Clooney proves that it’s not only great wines that improve with age.

Which man do you most identify with? I notice there’s no tamed grizzly bear-ded man-type, then again, they’re nothing new.

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